Monday, August 27, 2007

kha sgo phan pa

Does anyone know what kha sgo phan pa means? I think it has something to do with composition structure. I found a quote in the Tengyur that says "'di man kha sgo phan pa," in a place where it seems to be listing names of flowers (?). In the rigs gzhung rgya mtsho, when describing why the tshad ma rnam 'grel is tshig le'ur byas pa, the Seventh Karmapa says, "yi ge brgyad pa rjes bsngags pa'i sdeb sbyor gyi bye brag kha sgo phan pa zhes bya ba'i tshigs su bcad pa yod pas tshig le'ur byas pa'o."



Karl said...

it seems to refer to a particular Sanskrit form of meter or verse compositional style called "Benefitting the mouth"
but I have found no reference


Tyler said...

Thanks Karl. This is as I had suspected; I will keep looking for references. If I find an explanation of it, I will make an entry of it on the RY wiki.

gw said...

Perhaps "benefiting speech" in the sense of benefiting the way it sounds when spoken.

gw said...

It could also mean "benefiting speech" in the sense of making it easier to say the words. Literally, "benefiting entry into the mouth."

Tyler said...

I'm also thinking that it might have something to do with a gap. I have it tentatively translated as "benefiting the gap" in my translation.